• With several recognized corporate 500 companies like Securitas Security USA, G4s secure solutions, US security services, Universal Protection, Valor Security and many more
  • 10 years in the industry building complex client relationships and working hand to hand with more then 10,000 employees from site supervisor and security management
  • Mr. Olson has proved great customer services by dedicating his relationship with clients and the employees who work hard at creating these success stories.

Brandy Davis 
Vice President/CFO
Avant Garde Secure Solutions Inc.

Brandy started her education towards learning to excel in customer service at San Diego Mesa College . She  currently holds Associates Degrees  in Respiratory Therapy , African American Studies, Science, and Public Relations. Brandy  has always had the desire to help others  and by giving back with excellent customer service. She  is a true believer in "treat others the way you want to be treated". Customer service is always the key aspect to having a successful business. Working in the security industry  for 12 years, Brandy has dealt with clients who all have had different expectations of customer service. We are the first to come in contact with the public. A first impression is always a lasting and unforgettable one. We are not only there to protect the client and their assets but also to show excellent customer service above and beyond what is expected. 

  • Southwestern College Criminal Justice

  • 5 years experiance in the fast growing security industry from high rise, HOA, City, Events and more, working with some of the top companies like Securitas Security, G4S Secure Solutions, Universal Protection, Able Patrol & Guard, Summit Security. Mr. Adam, Felix is well adverse in the security industry protecting clients and there clients

Adam C. Felix & Melissa 
Sales Marketing Manager
Email: adamcfelix@yahoo.com

Jorge A. Hernandez
Sales Marketing Manager


  • With several recognized companies like Presidential Security, G4s secure solutions, US security services, California security, Secure protective services and Able Patrol & Guard
  • 10 years as armed security officer, bike patrol & loss prevention, 7 years as security supervisor, 3 years as security management
  • He has always been recognized with Great customer service and a professional business person Sharp and dedicated for customer’s satisfaction as his number one goal. With his experience and skills leading him to be Sales Marketing Manager for our company

Avant Garde Secure Solutions Inc.
Avant Garde Secure Solution is a private security Corporation headquartered in San Diego, CA. Our security services are made available to a wide range of clientele, including Homeowner Associations, Retail Centers, and Commercial Contractors to name a few. Our Mission is to provide a professionally tailored security service suite to our Clients specific needs. Here at Avant Garde Secure Solution we understand that our Officers are the lifeblood of our company. Our strong focus on recruitment, training, and skillful placement is a keystone to our success.

Geoffrey M. Olson
Sales Marketing Manager

Email: golsonagssinc@gmail.com